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Scholarship Recipients

We have concluded our successful scholarship association with Western University. The final scholar Mark Ren is attending CASA in the City of London and we have received an update on his progress. We wish Mark every success in his studies. The decision to conclude our scholarship agreement with Western was not done without considerable thought.  It was within the context of considering a university situated in the GTA with a UK affiliation and one that might better reflect our historic connections with the London Livery Companies. Our research revealed that  George Brown College would provide us with an ideal association.

Donation cheque from the Charitable Trust to George Brown College

After some initial discussion The Charitable Trust of The Honourable Company of Freemen of the City of London in association with George Brown College Centre for Arts, Design and Information Technology, School of Fashion Studies has created a scholarship for a qualifying student to study towards a degree in fashion at the University of the Arts, London England. The Charitable Trust has committed to a 3- year scholarship extendable for a further 2 years of $ 5000 per year.

Students who accept the Scholarship are encouraged to attend the Honourable Company’s Annual Dinner in Toronto and give a brief account of how they benefitted from the award.

This scholarship is a renewal of our ongoing commitment to provide funding to qualified scholars to study in London. We are particularly pleased with our new association with George Brown College as it speaks to the historic connections with the Worshipful Livery Companies in London dating back to medieval times, the City of London, and the Honourable Company of Freemen in North America.

Gaging by the reaction George Brown College is especially pleased with our donation.  The Master and the Trustees were treated to an exclusive tour of the Casa Loma campus where we were shown the jewellery and fashion design facility. Amongst the GBC attendees were Cindy Gouveia the President of the GBC foundation, Rosa Fracassa the Acting chair of the School of Fashion and Paul McClure Professor at GBC School of Jewellery.  It was particularly interesting as we witnessed students actively engaged in their discipline. Following the tour, we presented the College with a cheque for $15,000 in a small ceremony.

In order to fulfil our commitment, and hopefully extend it, we will work with George Brown to organize and hold a fundraiser highlighting the jewellery and fashion aspects of the college sometime in 2019. I hope the members of the Honourable Company will support this fundraising as it will be a great event to celebrate our charitable activities and to introduce potential new members to the Company.

We are very excited about this new and evolving relationship with George Brown and we look forward to developing it as we move ahead.

Chair, The Charitable Trust

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