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The Guild Hall
The Unique City

Known affectionately as the "Square Mile" the City of London in the United Kingdom is unique in many ways. Steeped in tradition it is also one of the most important business centres in the world. To this day, the Lord Mayor of London, of whom Dick Whittington was one, has the role of officially permitting the Queen to enter the city.

Most of you will be well aware of the scale of the economic activities of the City of London. However, you may not be fully up to date on the key statistics. Here are a few to bring up in conversation with business colleagues, friends and associates, which illustrate the financial impact of the City.

Foreign Exchange transacted per day - $637B US
Foreign Exchange Futures (on LFFE) - $330B US
Funds under management in 1999 - $2,555B US
Gross insurance premiums received - $14B US
Percentage of all Eurobonds placed - 75%
Foreign Banks with London Branches - 481
Foreign Companies listed on LSE in 2000 - 499
Fortune 500 Companies with London offices - 75%

The Corporation of London
The Corporation of London is responsible for providing the infrastructure on which all of this economic activity is based. In addition, it is the 3rd largest agency to fund the Arts in the UK, and it runs the Port Health Authority.

The Livery Companies
The 103 London Livery Companies have the following attributes:

Total Number of Liverymen in 2001 - 23,900
Companies with halls - 38 (plus one under construction)
Companies with active trade links - 85
Armed forces units supported -150
Churches Supported - 63
Charity giving/expenditures - £38.1M
Almshouse supported/run - 41
Schools and educational establishments supported - 124
Financial support to education - £5.5M

More Information
You can find lots of information about the City, the Corporation and the Livery Companies from their respective web-sites, many of which are available from our Links section.

The Unique City
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