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Sir Cecil Arthur Spring-Rice:

A group of representatives from the Court ventured to Ottawa on Friday June 7th 2013 Including the Master and three Past Masters) to attend the unveiling of a plaque in the historic Beechwood cemetery, Ottawa to the memory of Sir Cecil Spring-Rice.

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Freemen's Annual Dinner May 2013

Freemen's London Clerk

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The Very Gracious Lord Mayor of London

As part of our annual installation of officers we had the extreme pleasure of chatting with the 684th Lord Mayor of London, the Right Honourable Alderman David Wootton

He gave us a glimpse into his fabulous residence, The Mansion House, built by the city fathers in 1752.

He provided a quick look at some of the best Dutch and Flemish masters’ works in his extensive art collection, and his outstanding collection of English gold and silver antiquities dating back as early as the time of Sir Thomas Moore in the 1500’s.

He also explained for us how he is elected, the role he plays, and his longstanding relationship to the Monarchy and the Honourable Company of Freeman.

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Freeman Annual Installation Dinner

The 684th Lord Mayor of London, the Right Honourable Alderman
David Wootton

We were honoured to have the Lord Mayor of London, the Right Honourable Alderman David Wootton attend and give the keynote address at the annual dinner and installation of the new court at the National Club

The Lord Mayor graciously took a few minutes prior to the festivities to share with us some of the highlights and privileges of being accepted into the Honourable Company of Freeman of the City of London and the acceptance ceremony held in Guild Hall a rare and magnificent medieval listed landmark and architectural masterpiece which dates back to the twelfth century. In an era when the Lord Mayor of London and the guilds represented the establishment class, held court, helped draft the laws and trading regulations and helped create London’s great and enduring wealth and culture.

We chatted about the Freeman’s unique honour of being able to drive your sheep across London Bridge and tradition of being able to be hung with a silk noose.

Please join us and enjoy the highlights of the evening:

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